Foreign Employment

Are you employed by, or do contract work for, a foreign company? Rather than having these foreign payments exchanged by your financial institution, consider opening up a foreign currency account at your bank. When you're ready to convert funds in your foreign account to Canadian Dollars, simply withdraw the cash in foreign funds or have your bank prepare a draft in foreign funds payable to VBCE. Bring the foreign funds to one of our branches and we will convert to Canadian Dollars at a very competitive exchange rate.


While many have the impression that there is only one exchange rate, it is simply not the case. As a result, people can often unknowingly deposit a foreign currency cheque that is then automatically converted at a financial institution's pre-set rate. At Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange our traders will always do their very best to offer the most competitive exchange rate at time of conversion. We do not charge any hidden fees or service charges so you can be sure to receive the most amount of savings when dealing with VBCE.


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Our multi-lingual Specialists can help you, whether or not English is your first language. Contact us at 604-685-1008 for assistance.

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