Daily foreign exchange rates for our top 10 currencies & Updates #forex #Vancouver February 10, 2017

USDCAD spot rate: 1.3075- 1.3080 (as at 7:47am PST)

RangesAsia1.3119 to 1.3150
Europe1.3125 to 1.3160
North America1.3063 to 1.3155

Technical Support / Resistance


Key Economic Data Releases
- Canada net employment change: 48,300 (exp -5,000 / prev 46,100 *revised lower from 53,700)
- Canada unemployment rate: 6.8% (exp 6.9% / prev 6.9%)
- Canada full time job gains: 15,800 (prev 70,900 – *revised lower from 81,300)
- Canada part-time job gains: 32,400 (prev -24,700)
- U.S. consumer sentiment index: 95.7 (exp 97.9 / prev 98.5)

Key Event Calendar:




Feb. 13

Feb. 14

Feb. 15

Feb 16

Feb 17

Family Day - VBCE Closed

Manufacturing sales

Foreign security purchases

Producer price index, Fed Yellen speech

CPI, retail sales, industrial production

Building permits, housing starts

Yesterday, USDCAD eased from 1.3169 down to 1.3094 before bouncing back to 1.3150. A subsequent move to 1.3115 stalled and the pairing settled near 1.3135/50 for the balance of the day. China posted better than expected trade data (+$51.35 billion surplus / exp $47.90 billion / prev $40.71 billion) sparking a global rally in stocks. The USD enjoyed broad-based strength during the overnight session taking USDCAD up from an Asian session low of 1.3119 to a London session high of 1.3160. The pairing eased to 1.3130 ahead of the Canadian employment release. Another surprisingly strong result for the 3rd straight month saw USDCAD immediately dip to 1.3069. The pairing bounced to 1.3102 before a brief move to 1.3063. Given that North American markets are pushing historical highs, continued broad USD strength appears to have limited USDCAD downside today. Given a near 2% rise in oil prices and the tremendous job gains in Canada, USDCAD has only shown a marginal improvement on yesterday's low of 1.3094.
Currently, the TSX and the DJIA are both up by about 0.50%. EURCAD is down 1% trading between 1.3885 and 1.4015. GBPCAD is down 1% trading between 1.6281 and 1.6458. JPYCAD is down 1% trading between 0.01151 and 0.01160. Gold is down 0.41% trading between $1,222 and $1,233USD/oz., silver is up 0.84% trading


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