Banking Alternative

We give clients an alternative to using a bank. Those in the exporting business tend to convert their foreign currency revenues as needed to pay Canadian Dollar expenses at Spot. They may also hedge future revenue streams using open or fixed-dated forward contracts, both of which are available at VBCE.


We work hard to streamline the exchange process, and offer a same- day delivery/pick-up service. If you're in the FX market, your VBCE Account Manager will monitor the market for you.

Daily Update

Stay on top of FX market trends by subscribing to our VBCE Foreign Exchange Daily Update. Each morning, you will receive an email message with an update of the over-night trading range, economic data releases, technical support and resistance points, and an economic calendar of upcoming events. Simply ask your account manager and you will be added to the list.


We speak your language

Our multi-lingual Specialists can help you, whether or not English is your first language. Contact us at 604-685-1008 for assistance.