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  • How do I set up a corporate account?
    To set up a corporate account, please fill out the corporate account application form and return it via fax at 604-685-7923 or email info@vbce.ca along with a copy of your incorporation papers. Once received, a corporate account manager will contact you to complete the set-up process. If you have any questions or to further inquire please call the trading desk at 604-685-1008.
  • How long does it take to open a corporate account?
    The process for setting up a corporate account is simple. Once we receive the completed application form, an account manager will call you shortly after (usually that day or next business day) to complete the set-up process. It likely takes anywhere from 1 -3 business days to complete the set-up.
  • Do I need to set-up a corporate account in order to transact on behalf of my business?
    Yes, VBCE is required by law to have a completed service agreement and a copy of incorporation papers for all businesses that wish to transact with us. For further information regarding this, please refer to the Fintrac website.
  • Does VBCE accept company cheques?
    Clients with business accounts may use business cheques at VBCE's discretion. Please complete the corporate account application and an account manager will contact you to discuss settlement methods.
  • Does VBCE offer same day wire transfers? How long will it take my wire transfer to reach its destination?
    Yes, VBCE can offer same day wire transfers. Please inquire. It usually takes same day to 3 business days for the wire to reach its destination.
  • Does VBCE offer delivery service?
    Yes, VBCE offers same day delivery to your business within the Lower Mainland provided orders are received by 10:30am PT.
  • Can I transfer funds directly from my business bank account to VBCE and vice versa?
    There are a few financial institutions that VBCE can provide electronic funds transfers (EFT) with. Please inquire at 604-685-1008 to see if your institution qualifies. VBCE also offers a pre-authorized debit option at its discretion. This involves VBCE directly withdrawing or crediting your accounts, as per your authorization.
  • What if I am a Quebec client?
    If you are in Quebec at the time of the transaction, unfortunately we are not able to complete a transaction with you as we are not registered in the province Quebec. If you are a Quebec client, you can still conduct face to face transactions at one of our branches.