Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, to ensure the safety and well being of our valued customers and staff all VBCE retail branch locations will be temporarily closed until further notice. For existing clients, between 8:00am - 3:00pm PST Monday - Friday we have reduced our FX services to electronic transfers and precious metals pre-orders (minimum order of either 100 oz silver, 5 oz gold or 5 oz platinum with payment by electronic funds). You can contact your trader directly, email info@vbce.ca or call 604-685-1008 to be referred to a trader. Our VBCE online services are unaffected and the online platform is processing trades as usual. For further information regarding our online services please visit www.vbce.ca/online. For inquiries regarding the online platform, please email fxonline@vbce.ca.

Hospitality & Tourism

VBCE offers both cash-based and non-cash based services to businesses in the travel industry. VBCE can email daily exchange rates to clients in the hospitality industry so they can set their own exchange rates for their patrons. Hospitality and tourism clients can contact a VBCE trader to place their foreign exchange requests. The trader will confirm the exchange rate(s) and make arrangements for transaction settlement.

Foreign Banknotes

VBCE purchases foreign banknotes in exchange for a CAD cheque payable back to the hotel or travel agency. VBCE provides a free delivery service in most circumstances.

Wire Payments

VBCE sells foreign currency wire payments and / or foreign currency drafts. The exchange rates are volume dependant and are generally even better than the cash rates posted on VBCE's website. VBCE will provide a delivery service and / or provide an email or fax confirmation of the wire payment(s).


VBCE purchases foreign currency drafts and / or incoming wire transfers. The client will receive corporate exchange rates and settlement.


We speak your language

Our multi-lingual Specialists can help you, whether or not English is your first language. Contact us at 604-685-1008 for assistance.