How VBCE Became The Leading Private Foreign Exchange Company In Western Canada

February 22, 2022

We are one of the first and now the oldest, Canadian privately held firms specializing in foreign exchange and payment services. We started in 1989 with humble beginnings with a single office with five employees and have grown to four locations in the greater Vancouver area.

For the past 30 years, customers have been the heart of our business.

  • We are a trusted source for foreign exchange services for individuals and businesses and a trusted precious metals dealer.
  • We commonly have banks in the area including CIBC, TD and RBC tell their customers to come to us since we have the best rates and have foreign bank notes on hand for over 80+ currencies.

Currency and precious metals are a form of security and investment used globally to maintain wealth for nations and individuals and bullion is known as an indication of universal excellence and high standards in regards to purity. Through the years these two types of currency are known for their anti-counterfeit solutions to protect consumers and investors.

Our values

The values of VBCE are deeply tied to the knowledge and understanding that transacting in bullion and currency requires the highest level of trust between VBCE and consumers as part of the global security and regulatory requirements to be a trader in currency and bullion dealer. As such, the values of VBCE are reflective of the traditional values and stability of currency and bullion.

While we’ve seen innovation within currency and bullion, the focus of that innovation is to stay ahead of any risk to the public rather than innovation to change the world. Safety over disruption, security over risk.

The values of the company are tied to a deep knowledge of the business and in taking on the role of gatekeeper to purity and quality. Trust is key in our business. As a FINTRAC regulated company, we take pride in knowing we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers providing value and convenience to our customers in their transactions.

Solutions to your needs

VBCE’s goal is to inform customers of the best solution for their needs and work is performed in the most respectful manner. We greet you with a smile and ensure that we understand your needs. Over the years the company has built trust with its industry partners and customers and within the community.

Being kind, thoughtful and generous are core values of the company and can be seen in the daily interactions with customers. We have a standard of care focused on building trust with our customers by being attentive, friendly and knowledgeable and offering best-in-class service with a helpful attitude. VBCE’s goal is to inform customers of the best solution for their needs and work is performed in the most respectful and time-efficient manner.

With service in mind, we offer four convenient options for currency exchange and precious metal needs:

  • Four retail locations for walk-in transactions and inquiries - Downtown Vancouver, South Granville, Richmond and Burnaby at Metrotown
  • Customer Service Representatives for help with transactions or inquires by phone or email
  • Experienced FX Traders for larger value transactions for individuals and businesses
  • Easy to use VBCE Online platform for recurring transactions using our convenient online platform so you can transact from anywhere.

Supporting our community

VBCE believes in giving back and is a long-time supporter of the Canadian Liver Foundation. We appreciate the tremendous work the staff, volunteers and partners provide researching a cure and educating and supporting the 1 in 4 Canadians that are affected by Liver Disease. Learn more about your liver, prevention and testing of the disease