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Transfer Time Information

Transfer times, from start to finish are dependent on the method of funding incoming to VBCE and the method of outgoing payment to your selected payee.

Please refer to the chart and match your method of incoming payment with the method of outgoing payment for approximate transaction times. For descriptions of the funding and payment methods, please refer to Funding Methods and Payment Methods section.

Transfer times are reliant on bank processing times, which is why we can only provide a range.

*Start to finish refers to the moment you have booked your transaction online, to when your selected payee has received the purchased currency.

Your Incoming Payment to VBCEOur outgoing payment to youAPPROX. TIME to completion
Pre-authorized debit (PAD)**Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)1-3 days***
Pre-authorized debit (PAD)Int'l Transfer (SWIFT)1-3 days
Pre-authorized debit (PAD)ACH1-3 days
Bill PaymentElectronic Funds Transfer (EFT)2-4 days
Bill PaymentInt'l Transfer (SWIFT)2-5 days
Bill PaymentACH2-4 days
Wire Transfer (SWIFT)Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)2-4 days
Wire Transfer (SWIFT)Int'l Transfer (SWIFT)1-5 days
Wire Transfer (SWIFT)ACH1-5 days

*Pre-authorized debit is offered at the discretion of VBCE's compliance managers, and you may be subject to transaction limits. Depending on your level of approval, you may also be subject to longer transfer times than what is indicated on the chart.

*Days refers to business days