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Cross Border FX Made Simple

Currency exchange is our focus. VBCE provides optimal solutions to help simplify your foreign exchange transactions across borders, all at the best rates for your personal or business needs.

Save Time and Money

Cross-Border currency exchange made simple with VBCE. Enjoy full-service support for needs such as US home expenses or receiving USD payments that can stretch your Canadian dollars further. Whether you are paying for USD bills or get paid in USD, our preferential cross-border USD money transfer exchange rates are the best.

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Online FX Account

I prefer an automated booking platform
I like the ability to book trades 24/7
No sign up or ongoing maintenance fees
Having trust in a secured platform is important to me

Work with a Dedicated FX Trader

I want an expert watching the markets for me
I'm interested in spot trades
No sign up or ongoing maintenance fees
Quick and easy payment and settlement options