Setting up your future in Canada?

VBCE's impeccable reputation among immigration consultants and real estate agents, and personalized service assists clients with large exchange requests that involve transferring assets to Canada. Our highly knowledgeable staff closely monitors the ever-changing foreign exchange market while consulting with clients and/or their agents, offering insight on economic news, market trends, and good exchange opportunities.

VBCE vs. Other Financial Institutions

Clients can expect to save in comparison to both foreign and domestic financial institutions. Once a client has arranged for a bank draft to be issued in the name of Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange, they can confirm the exchange rate directly by phone with one of VBCE's FX Traders.


Clients can also instruct VBCE to deal directly with their account managers, or with private bankers at any financial institution. Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange also provides free courier service to private banking offices. Bankers can arrange transfers between accounts, depending on the financial institution for which they work.


We speak your language

Our multi-lingual Specialists can help you, whether or not English is your first language. Contact us at 604-685-1008 for assistance.