We service individuals with many different needs

Individuals have many different reasons to exchange currency whether its recurring or simply a one time transaction. Regardless, with our experience we will find a solution that works for you and will be sure to help you save money.

Forex Solutions

Our services include forex for individuals and small businesses no matter the volume or frequency we will have a solution right for you. Have confidence knowing that you are receiving the best rates possible when dealing with us. Our VBCE clients have the option of either signing up for an Online foreign exchange account or work with a dedicated FX Trader to help maximize savings and streamline exchange needs.

Best Fit Check

Online FX Platform

  • I prefer an automated booking platform
  • I like the ability to book trades 24/7
  • No sign up or ongoing maintenance fees
  • Having trust in a secured platform is important to me
You'd benefit from an Online FX Account

Work with a Dedicated FX Trader

  • I want an expert watching the markets for me
  • I'm interested in spot trades
  • No sign up or ongoing maintenance fees
  • Quick and easy payment and settlement options
You'd benefit from a Dedicated FX Trader