VBCE is your number one choice in Western Canada for the lowest rates, most availability, quickest delivery and friendliest service.

Keep clear of unfavourable exchange rates and high transaction fees at the banks

Avoid unnecessary service fees and commissions when dealing with the banks and other forex providers

100+ world-wide currencies readily available

Travel friendly denominations always in stock

Easily exchange your currency back when you return home from your vacation

Leftover currency from your trip?

Back from your trip and have leftover currency? Bring your currency back to any one of our 3 locations and we'll happily exchange it back into Canadian dollars or whatever currency you would like. Here's a tip! Be sure to spend all of your coins before you leave as we only buy back currency bills.


Cash is king! Banknotes are widely accepted and the most straightforward form of payment around the world. Retailers still accept foreign cash as payment, travellers need foreign cash when traveling abroad to pay for a taxi, food, or even tips, and foreign ATMs are expensive and can be unreliable.


VBCE's wholesale banknote division allows your institution to buy and sell foreign banknotes at better rates that will reduce your holding costs and improve your firm's profitability.


We speak your language

Our multi-lingual Specialists can help you, whether or not English is your first language. Contact us at 604-685-1008 for assistance.